You probably did not know!

Written by Kim NgânKim Ngân- (sandra_mai)

If one day you cry, call me, I'm not sure to make you laugh but certainly I would have laughed in your face
Knee crowned farewell function
Thinking longer, more stupid decisions!
Yore: solidarity is alive, divided we fall
Today: solidarity is dead, divided we fall sporadic
Want fast is to slowly!
The one thing that never changes is the change!
The man who is calm bravery before beautiful girl and is not startled before bad girl
Confidence is suicide
Money does not matter but important is how much money
Remain calm but shaky.
Kissing is passed for over 1000 different bacteria
Meet the difficult times we should not be deterred
We must take steps to find a way that backward

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4 People Hand Up This
hoanganh >3 years
your english is very well.
hoanganh >3 years
Can i add friend with you?
hoanganh >3 years
hi. Kim Ngan
hoanganh >3 years
i don't understand
hoanganh >3 years
but some points are profound
hoanganh >3 years
very nice
ly tuan >3 years
very nice
Mint >3 years
Dat >3 years
Song Pham >3 years
Great, it looks like quotes (X-X) - with Kim Ngân
Kim Ngân >3 years
I read these sentences by vietnamese and felt funny. So I translated them. There are some sentences I didn't translate how.
You write very well
Kim Ngân >3 years
can you translate all it?
Kim Ngân >3 years
I only translate these sentences
Mint >3 years
i have read all it

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